Pro Drivers

Corey Williams

Class: Pro Class

Corey Williams is a well-known figure at Goodguys AutoCross events. Not yet 30 years old, he’s been terrorizing the tarmac for nine years now in the Pro Class. He became interested in AutoCrossing after attending a Goodguys event years ago and has never looked back. He loves the sport and especially digs going fast in his vintage Camaro.

City/State – Mayfair, Tennessee

Car – 1972 Camaro

Builder – Williams Performance

Body – Stock with modded split bumper

Engine/Trans – LS1 Power built by Corey and backed up with a Tremec six-speed transmission

Chassis – Stock but heavily modified and updated by Williams Performance

Wheels – Budnick wheels 18×11 front and 18×12 rear

Tires – BFGoodrich

Brakes – Wilwood

Josh Leisinger

Class: Pro-X Class

The family that races together, stays together…The Leisinger clan is one fast bunch, and we talked with hotshot scion Josh Leisinger and he gave is the rundown on his highly modified 1964 Corvette Coupe. Along with brother Jared, they dominate AutoCross tracks across the country. Josh has been AutoCrossing for 15 years, loves the adrenaline rush of racing and spending time with his family at events.

City/State – South Dakota

Car – 1964 Corvette aka Crusher II

Body – Lightweight, heavily modified, radiused wheel wells

Engine/Trans – 450cid LSX, built by Warren and Kurt Johnson

Transmission – Gearstar

Chassis – Custom tubular chromoly built by Cale Kern

Suspension – Corvette C6 components

Brakes – Wilwood

Wheels – Forgeline

Tim Molzen

Class: Street Machine Class

We stopped by the pits and talked with Tim and checked out his cool early-sixties Dart. Many of you may remember this car in Day-Glo orange, but it now has a rusty patina wrap and has taken a whole new look on life. The LS7 beast under the hood remains as well as a laundry list of go-fast goodies. Tim’s been AutoCrossing for five years and loves the camaraderie and friendly competition of Goodguys racing events.

City/State – Sioux City, Iowa

Car – 1963 Dodge Dart

Body – Stock with rusty wrap

Engine/Trans – 600hp carbureted, all-motor LS7

Transmission – Bowler 4L80e

Chassis – Stock unibody with Detroit Speed Equipment suspension and RideTech Triple Adjustable Coil-Overs at all four corners

Wheels – Weld 18×12

Tires – Bridgestone

Brakes – Baer six-piston

Bill Graves Sr

Class: Forgeline Street Machine

When Goodguys announced they were going to award points per event and have a national class winner I decided to try to run for the championship. Slowly over the years I’ve modified my 66 to where it is today. And changes continue to this day. My wife of almost 3 years, Marti, and I are living the dream and enjoying autocrossing with our Goodguys family and friends. We look forward to traveling across this great country to attend as many Goodguys events as we can. We find there are always new friends and great folks to meet who share our car passion for COOL cars and HORSEPOWER!!!!

City/State – Terrell, North Carolina

Car – 1966 Chevy Corvette

Builder – Owner & Friends

BodyStock with all 4 fenders widened for larger tires

Engine/TransLS3/TKX SST 5 speed

ChassisStock, owner modified

Wheels – Forgeline


BrakesStock, owner modified

SponsorsViking Shocks, Silversport Transmissions(SST), Gearfx, Ram Clutches

Mike Goodman

Class: Forgeline Street Machine

SCCA Susquehanna Region CAM-T Champion – 2014, 2015, 2018 Carlisle All GM Nationals Autocross Shootout Champion – 2016, 2018 UMI Autocross Challenge Class Winner – 2020
Goodguys Nashville Street Machine Class and Shootout Winner -2021

City/StateNottingham, Pennsylvania

Car – 1981 Chevy Camaro

Builder – Owner

BodyBody by Fisher

Engine/TransSBC, T-56


WheelsBoss 338 18x 9.5

Tires265-35R18 Yokohama A052

BrakesC6 front, drum rear

SponsorsPro-Touring F-Body, Jones Racing Products, Pypes Performance Exhaust

Jedd Schola

Class: Forgeline Street Machine

I’ve always been interested in performance vehicles and getting the most out of them, whether it be on the drag strip, street or any other track. Most recent award is Muscle Machine of the Year finalist at Columbus.

City/StatePhilippi, West Virginia

Car – 1969 Chevy Camaro SS

BuilderBRC/East End Rod Shop

Body – Stock

Engine/TransSupercharged FiTech injected SBC/700R4

ChassisDetroit Speed/JRI

WheelsBillet Specialties

TiresBFG Sport Comp 2

Brakes – Wilwood

SponsorsFiTech EFI

Chris Smith

Class: Pro

Owner Smittys Custom auto. Enjoy Racing Camping and spendiong time with Family. Multi time Winner and Good-Guys Optima Events and many others. Previous Points Champion in Good-guys and Optima series.

City/State – Tiffin, Ohio

Car – 1970 Chevy Camaro

Builder Chris Smith and Crew at Smittys

Body – Majority of the body is Carbon

Engine/Trans – Scoggin Dickey LS7 American Powertrain Sequential

Chassis – Speedtech Extreme Sub frame and IRS

Wheels – Forgeline



Sponsors –  Speedtech Performance, FORGELINE, American Powertrain, BFGoodrich Tires, Holley, Summit Racing Equipment, Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, Motion Control Suspension, Wilwood Disc Brakes, GearFX Driveline, Nine Lives Racing, OPTIMA Batteries, Flaming River Industries, Ultimate Headers, Vintage Air, Inc., Rick’s Hot Rods

Carl Roeger

Class: Pro Class

I have been into cars for over 55 years. I ran in my first autocross event 48 years ago. I let autocross lapse for 35 years until I entered a Good-Guys event with my ’30 Model A sedan. Next year I returned with my El amino and never looked back. At that point I was invited to a road course and autocross event and I was hooked.

City/State – Hanoverton, Ohio

Car – 1968 Chevy El Camino

BuilderTotally homebuilt except for the paint and body work. Dyno tuned by RDP Motorsports

BodyDead stock body

Engine/Trans – 419 Cu In stroked LS3 Bowler prepped T56-XL

Chassis – Stock frame with ABC Performance front suspension, Global West rear suspension and RideTech shocks

Wheels – Forgeline 11×18 all 4 corners

TiresFalken Azenis RT660 315/30/18 square

Brakes – Wilwood 14″ 6 piston front and 4 piston rear

Andrew Chenoweth

Class: Forgeline Street Machine

Have been racing autocross for 7 years now. All in the same patina green challenger that everyone knows. The biggest win so far in my career would be winning the Inaugural Holley Moparty Grand Champion Vintage class in 2020. I have won 3 Goodguys Street Machine class events and 1 Pro Class. None of the autocrossing endeavors I have been apart of would be possible without the help of my mom, dad and sister. They are the backbone of this small family team and I am just the lucky lug nut that gets to sit behind the wheel!!

City/StateMitchell, South Dakota

Car – 1970 Dodge Challenger


Body – Stock

Engine/Trans – Big Block 440 w/ 727 Auto

ChassisMa Mopar Torsion Bars and Leaf Springs w/ Stock Uni-Body and Hotchkis Go fast parts!

Wheels – Weld RTS Series


Brakes – Wilwood

Sponsors – Hotchkis Sport Suspension, Abco Performance, Swanny’s Engine and Machine, CJ Motorsports, Iverson Auto

Bob Bertelsen

Class: Pro

My fist ride was with Kyle Tucker from DSE. I was hooked. I took my Camaro to a couple shows and tried autocross. My car was not set up for this, so I built Code Red, my 1972 Firebird and started driving it in 2010. In 2012 I finished Brute Force, my 1971 Camaro. It ran really well and I won a Street machine event a couple times. Next in 2014 was Orange Rush my 1969 C10 Pickup. With that truck I won several truck autocross events at Goodguys. In 2017 I started racing my current car, Green mamba a 1968 Corvette. I have qualified fastest in my class at most events and won 3 shootouts including Vendor Shootout in Columbus. When I am not racing, I can be found in my shop at home building the next car. Currently I am building a 1963 Corvette to replace Green mamba.

City/StateColumbiana, Ohio

Car – 1968 Chevy Corvette

Builder Owner

Body – Flared, custom front end, custom hood, added trunk, custom tail panel, Custom interior

Engine/Trans – Scoggin Dickey LS7 650HP

Chassis – Stock Frame with Detroit Speed suspension

Wheels – Forgeline CV3

Tires – BFG Rival S

Brakes – Baer Brakes 6R

Sponsors –  Scoggin Dickey, Holley EFI, Baer Brakes, Bowler Transmissions, Tremec Transmissions, R-M Paints, Detroit Speed, BFG, Forgeline Wheels, Ace Clutch,

Ron Francis

Class: Forgeline Street Machine

I teach middle school in a small Ohio town, my main interests are cars of any type, autocross, and automotive related art (pinstriping, custom paint). Started autocross at Goodguys events in 2015 in a near stock 1959 Ford Custom 300 with a bench seat and no power steering. My wife always rides co-pilot.

City/StateFredericktown, Ohio

Car – 1987 Ford Mustang GT


Body – Stock convertible, Fiberglass hood

Engine/Trans – 302 with Ford Racing GT40X aluminum heads, GT40 intake, long tube headers, Tremec T-5 transmission

Chassis – Maximum Motorsports K member, A arms, SN-95 Mustang 5 lug spindles, Koni shocks, coil over conversion, subframe connectors, Stifflers frame stiffners, Maximum Motosports torque arm, lower rear control arms, panhard rod, Koni coil overs, stock sway bars

Wheels – Enkel RPF1

Tires – Falken 660

Brakes – Stoptech/SVE 2004 Cobra

Robby Unser

Class: ProX

Robby grew up racing & has competed in everything from Go Karts to Indy Cars throughout his extensive career. He has 2 top 10’s at the Indy500 & was 1998 IRL Rookie of the Year. He is a World Hill Climb Champion, & he won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 9x’s & in his Speedway Motors Winged Wonder, he set the overall record in 1994 on dirt which will stand for all time. Now, he thoroughly enjoys working with Team Speedway & Speedway Motors helping them design & test their G-Comp muscle car suspensions. Robby is married & has 2 dogs, Cooper & Jake. In addition to racing, he loves snowmobiling, fly fishing, & shooting.

City/StateAlbuquerque, New Mexico

Car – 1970 Chevy Camaro

BuilderSpeedway Motors

Body – Stock body with front & rear flares

Engine/Trans – LSX Engine built by Speedway Engines & TREMEC Transmission built by Dederichs Motorsports

Chassis – G-Comp (Unser Version) by Speedway Motors


Tires – Yokohama or BFG


Sponsors – Speedway Motors

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